February 22, 2011

Target and Goodwill Finds

I've been wanting to get out to Target the past couple of days, because I heard about the $5 gift card that you get if you buy 7 frozen items. I bundled the kids up and off we went. Let me tell you, if you live in Champaign, don't bother going for the frozen foods. They are renovating the entire food section, so they had limited amounts of frozen foods.

But if you are in need of some FREE jeans, I highly recommend checking out Target. Since they are turning our Target into a Super Target, almost everything is being marked down...including the women's jeans! Click here to print off a $5 coupon for women's jeans at Target. I scored 2 pairs today for free:

I spent a grand total of $3.03 for the items pictured above!

Then the boys and I went to the Goodwill in search for a picture frame. Unfortunately we didn't find a frame the size I wanted, but we got a couple of other good finds! Pudge is in the process of getting a new bike, and he needed a helmet. How great is it that we found one with Spiderman on it! He loves it!

I've also been on a hunt to find more of those Brain Quest cards for the boys. Specifically the ones with pictures on them to help them learn. We found one as well at Goodwill!

Total for the items below, $4.50! The helmet retails for $20 and the Brain Quest retails for $10.50! So we got a great deal!

Have you stopped into Target or Goodwill lately? I'd love to hear what you found!


  1. Oh bummer about the freezer deal at Target! I was planning on going tomorrow morning!

  2. I want to go to Target! I heart that store so. However, ours is not being remodeled, so my pants will probably cost something.

  3. What?!! Free jeans!! I'm going to check that out later today - after I get my coupon printed. Thanks!