February 26, 2011

Decorating on a Budget

I feel that decorating on a budget can easily be done if you are patient and willing to wait for a deal. I'm not an expert by any means on decorating, but I thought I'd show you a simple way you can use deals to decorate your home.

My family got our picture(s) taken at church for the church directory for free. The photographer is awesome! He is so patient with families with little kids, and is willing to take as many as possible to catch the perfect photo. When he is finished, he downloads them to a CD and we can take them home. Did I say that he does this for free? What a guy!

So once we got home to look them over, they were hilarious! Only because our kids are stinkers and would not look at the camera at the same time. We found this set of photos to be so funny that we sent them out as Christmas cards, and now we've made a collage out of them. Won't the boys love this when they get older? The photo in the lower right-hand corner is of Pudge sneezing on me and Z-man laughing and my husband looking stunning as ever! So funny!

I had our photo printed through Snapfish and got a 11x14 poster size photo for only $1.99 (including shipping). Sweet, huh?

Then I used a Dollar General 50% off household goods coupon, and snagged this black frame for only $3!

That means that I only spent a total of $5 on this whole project! So, this proves that waiting for the right deal, your project will eventually come together in the end.

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