February 8, 2011

How to Build a Snowman

I know it may sound ridiculous, but I have googled how to build a snowman before. Out of all the snow (14 inches for Champaign, IL!) that we've gotten this winter, I have finally mastered how to make huge snowmen! I can't remember the last time that I had accomplished this feat, so I was bound and determined to make at least one snowman this winter. And not only did I make one snowman, I made 5 the other day! I know, I'm awesome!

The weather was a warm 34 degrees out. The sun was shining and my husband was kind enough to let me play in the snow, without my two toddlers running around to keep track of. So the land was all mine! I had a ton of snow to work with, and I made 2 huge snowmen, and 2 small ones, to represent my family. (okay, maybe not huge, but adult!)

This was the first snowman I built with the boys around, this was on Sunday. Then in the afternoon, I cooked up 4 more snowmen!

I've figured out that in order to make a snowman, the weather needs to be warm enough so that you can pack the snow.

Make sure that the middle section of your snowman is not too heavy, so that you can lift it up onto the bottom section.

Find the items you want to embellish your snowman before you are full of snow, so that you don't have to track snow inside your house.

Build your snowman on a level ground, so that they don't fall and cause a domino effect on the surrounding snowmen! (lesson learned!)

If you don't want your snowman to melt right away, check the weather forecast to make sure that the following week is in the single digits!

Have fun and stay warm!

If you're curious about snow sculpting, here's a great video clip of the snow sculpting competition in Rockford, IL.

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  1. cute! it looks like you put in a looooot of work! -roseann