February 1, 2011

My Husband's Trip To Goodwill

I have found out that my husband is fully capable of finding great deals on his own! The other day he tore a hole in his favorite pair of jeans. I mentioned to him that Bergners and Kohls were having 70% off their winter clothing, so he should check it out to see if he could find some good deals there. Low and behold, my husband went to Goodwill first, just to see if there was anything his size...and he came home with 3 pairs of pants and 3 shirts! I was very impressed.

Then he told me of how he got paid to bring these clothes home. First of all, he had a gift card to Goodwill, so he used most of that for his bill. And while he was trying on the pants he bought, there was $1 bill in one of them! So when he went to the register and used his gift card the total came up to $0.45, so he used his $1 he found to pay for everything! How clever! So, technically, he got paid to shop at Goodwill.

Isn't that a great story to tell? My husband is so genius!

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