February 3, 2011

Sensory Boxes

I've always wanted to make a sensory box for both my boys. Z-man has a HUGE one in his classroom at preschool, and I've read about them before from Pink and Green Mama's blog. So I finally went out and purchased a couple of small plastic tubs from the Dollar Store.

I filled them up with rice and oatmeal, mainly because those were the two things we had alot of in our pantry. I even colored some of the rice blue for a fun and wintery look. I found a handful of random little wintery toys, and tablespoons and cups for the kids to use in their sensory boxes.

I feel that these boxes help the kids learn responsibility, especially with cleaning up after themselves. Here's Pudge vacuuming up his mess after he realized what had happened. Yes, these boxes can be messy, but I think that's how they learn.

Overall, the kids really enjoy playing in these boxes. Z-man even said that they feel like they are playing in a sandbox! Next time I fill their boxes, it will be with something new! Have you ever made a sensory box for your kids? If so, I'd love to hear about it.


  1. I work at a mental health center & we have these for the kids to play with! Only we have one with just sand (messy!) and just rice. The kids LOVE to dig in them! One thing we included in them are the little glass marble things that you can find at the dollar store (as long as your kiddos are old enough to not possibly choke on them!) and it's like a treasure hunt trying to find all the little marbles!