February 18, 2011

Grocery Shopping this Week = $42.75

I made two shopping trips this week. The first was to Meijer, because they were have a great deal on Gain Softner and Sheets. I don't include laundry items in my grocery budget, so I just put those items in the photo to show you that they helped me pay for other groceries.

Meijer = $13.45
I got $6 in Catalina's from purchasing the Gain, so that went towards my groceries.

County Market = $29.30
Pudge and I went to the County Market on Campus last Friday when they were having some great deals on only Friday and Saturday. My favorite was the Yogurt for $0.29 each, the Welch's grape jelly, 2 for $1, and the Biscuits were a $1 each, and if you bought 5, you got free eggs.

Total spent this week on groceries, $42.75. We have $40 a week budget for our groceries, so next week I will take $2.75 out to pay for my overage in this week.

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