February 13, 2011

Grocery Shopping this Week = $44.90

We have $40/week in our budget for groceries. Lately it's been kind of difficult to stay within our budget, so each week I take out the overage from the next week.

Schnucks = $13.17
I was very excited to take my mom with on this shopping trip to Schnucks. She was impressed with the savings that I showed her. We scored 10 bags of Malt-O-Meal cereal for free! Thanks, mom, for helping watch the boys while we shopped! Also, thanks to Coupon STL for her post on deals at Schnucks.

Dollar General = $3.10
The chips were free with a coupon, and my husband has a new love for Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa.

County Market = $10.67
Here I am just stocking up on items that we needed in our pantry. I only had coupons for the Bob Evans Sausage.

Big Lots = $16.06
I was excited to find a 10 lb. bag of flour for $3! I also stocked up on bread, each only $1.

This past week I spent $44.90 on groceries. In this total, I've included my overage from last week.

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  1. Way to stick to it. I bet Mom enjoyed every minute of it. Way to impress her!