November 5, 2009

Goodwill Date with Hubbie

My husband and I got a chance to go to the Goodwill last night while Grandma and Grandpa stole our kids.  It was a surprise visit and we were happy to have them wisk the kids away while we had some time to ourselves.  

And what did we do with that precious time???  We went to Goodwill!  I know, I know, we're crazy, right? We love the thrill of finding a great item or just the cheap prices.  (Don't worry, we also went out for a bite to eat at Panera as well before we came home to our kids!)

Anyway, here's what we walked out with:

4 CDs = $8

$2 Limited Dress Pants (50% off women's slacks)

$2 Daliha Dress Pants (50% off women's slacks)

$1.50 Liz Claiborne Skirt (50% off skirts)

We also snagged 3 cute blue baskets that I'll use to store all our art supplies for the kids, and I found a little shelf to hang in our spare bedroom (will be painted at a later date).

That's it folks!  Check out Homebody's Thrift Store Thursday for more fun posts!

1 comment:

  1. Great deal! I love a sale at a thrift store :)
    Really cute skirt.
    I often drag my hubby into GW when we're out on a date too, but not willingly.
    Thanks for joining TST!