November 4, 2009

Goodwill Findings

While I was away on a mini vacation without my kids, my husband and I stopped at a Goodwill in Ohio, and here's what we found.  I've been looking for awhile now to hang some sort of a big wall-hanging in our spare bedroom and I think I may have found something that I can use!  It cost us $20 and the only thing wrong with it is the back hanger part.  But we can fix that easily. 

I also know that it looks like it belongs in a church, but for now it will work! :)


The Goodwill was also having a $0.99 sale on women's knit shirts that cost $4.99 originally.  So I scooped up these 4 shirts/sweaters.  It really was a great deal overall!  I been loving the light pink color lately on my clothes, so I found some more items for my closet. 

Pink button down sweater from Eddie Bauer ($0.99).

Pink t-shirt from Old Navy ($0.99)

Brown Sweater from Liz & Co. for ($0.99).

Pink fleece from Old Navy for ($0.99).
I LOVE fleeces!!

A compilation of the all the clothing I found for super cheap = $4!


  1. I love fleece too! Awesome GW!

  2. great deals on all those clothes!