November 10, 2009

Grocery Shopping this week

I found some GREAT deals this week at County Market and Schnucks.  Check out on what all you can save on as well.  My total came out to $68.48.  I know that this is over our $40 budget for food/week, but my husband and I discussed that we'd spend a little extra ($20) on cheese that was on sale.  So we're stocked up on cheese for a long time! :)

Pictured above: County Market deals = Spent $61.26.  
Total savings of $83.70 or 57%!

Pictured above from Schnucks = $11.22
Favorite deals at Schnucks this week is the Scottie Tissues were $0.50 each with coupon.
Also, the Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice was $0.96 each with coupon.

Pictured above (non-grocery) spending at Schnucks = $13

Laundry Soap was $4.53 with coupon, also prints out $3 Catalina at checkout. 
Which makes is $0.99 per bottle!

These candles were in the clearance cart, and I had $3 off coupon for each! 

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