November 20, 2009

Salvation Army Finds

Our local Salvation Army store out behind the mall has been updated and remodeled!  If you live in Champaign, I suggest you check it out.  It looks like they got alot of their cabinets and shelving from one of the big clothing stores that went out of business.  

This was the first time I'd been in there since they've remodeled, and here's what I came out with:

We scored some Bob the Builder birthday decorations for our little Silas who will be turning 2 in February.  Book = $1, Hat = $1, Balloons = $0.50, Banner = $0.25.

The Photo Album isn't as nice on the outside as it is on the inside.  It was $2.50, and has lots of pages where I can store some free photos! :)

Here are some cute shelves that I will find a nice spot for in our bedroom ($3 each):

And these black corner shelves were only $1 each, so I'm going to paint them white and also find a spot for them, and put candles on:

And last but not least, I got this 7.5 foot Christmas tree for only $10!!  It's currently in our garage airing out, because it kinda smells like someone's attic.  My mother-in-law suggested hanging little cute packages of air freshners in the tree when we bring it inside.  Any suggestions on how to get that attic smell out of a Christmas tree?

Overall, I'm quite pleased with out findings at the local Salvation Army store.

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