November 4, 2009

Free Movie on General Mills!

I love to shop for cereal.  There are so many deals to be had each week, I have to restrain myself from them.  I've been committed to never buying cereal for more than $1 a box, but this week at our County Market there was a great deal on General Mills cereal.  (I'll blog about that later). 

Anyway, I was looking at all my options on the cereal shelves and I always look for an inside deal.  Wether that be a free t-shirt with proof of purchase, a free cereal cup, or even extra Box Tops for Education.  I guess you can say that I'm trying to get more for our buck.  

So this time at the store, I was pondering getting the cereal that I REALLY like...Lucky Charms...compared to this deal that General Mills is having.  Buy 2 boxes of cereal, enter their codes on their website, and get a free movie pass!  I could only find this deal on a couple of General Mills cereal at our store.  

Here's what the boxes look like from the back:

It seems really simple.  
1. Enter the code inside the box at
2. For every two codes entered you'll receive one free adult admission*.
(*Online codes need to be entered by 6-30-2010. Valid only in the USA. 
Ticket value is up to $12.)
3. Print out your ticket and head to the theater!

I'm way excited about this deal because I think I might go see the movie 2012 that comes out in theaters on Friday the 13th. :)

Let me know if you've seen this deal in your stores, or even if you've used your ticket already.

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