January 19, 2011

Goodwill Trip

Pudge and I headed out to North Prospect after we dropped off Z-man at school, because we had a coupon for Pudge to get his 3rd birthday pictures taken at Olan Mills (located at Meijer). So we stopped at Goodwill to waste 45 minutes before his appointment.

Here's what we found:

The boys have really been into computer games lately, and so we always make sure to check the Thrift stores when we go. Pudge and I found a basket full of computer games on sale for $0.99 each! They usually are priced at $2.96 each, so this was a great find! We picked up 7, some that we will re-gift, and some will go to the consignment shop.

We found a DVD of the Little Einsteins that still had the wrapper on it! Guaranteed no scratches! We paid full price for that one, $3.50.

And the books were just for fun. $0.25 each.

I love Goodwill! And thanks to my grandma, I didn't pay anything out of pocket, instead I used the gift card she gave me for Christmas!

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