January 5, 2011

Grocery Shopping this week = $53.78

Yikes! I went kinda overboard this week, and I'm certain that it was because of Big Lots. I need to remember to just go in there for their $1 bread, and not go down the snack isle. I'm doomed if I do that. And that's what happened to me this week.

Check out my finds this week:

Big Lots = $17.68
I splurged on the fruit snacks, they were $6! And those Nature Valley granola bars are SO good ($2/box). Wafer cookies were $1.30, and the veggies were $0.80/each.

County Market = $17.90
Found some good deals on Progresso Soup which made them $0.45/can! The Kellogg's cereal was a steal as well...at $1.97/box and I had 2 BOGO coupons....which made the boxes $1 each! (That's my limit for cereal, never spend more than $1/box).

Aldi's = 17.20
Butter at Aldi's this week is only $1.90!! Compared to County Market, this is a great deal! County Market's butter is $3.45 this week. I also splurged on the Nesquick. I'm trying to get our kids to drink more milk.

Total spent = $53.78

I have a budget of $40/week on groceries. I will take next week's grocery monies to help pay for this week. Next week I'll only have $26.22 to spend on groceries. I'll really have to make things count next week.

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