January 20, 2011

Target Finds

Okay, so if you haven't been in the Target in Champaign lately, it's like a bad dream to me. Everything is all out of whack! The are re-doing the cafeteria, the jewelry center is gone...well half is in the women's clothing, the pet food is where the kids clothes used to be...it's crazy! My husband and I went in there last night, and it was like a bad dream.

I had read on Totally Target's blog that Target was moving in their Spring clothing, so most of their winter clothing was 75% off. I had to check it out for myself. There were some pretty good deals, especially in the women's clothing. Here's what we came out with for $20.98:

I was excited to find a fleece lined and hooded jacket 1/2 off:

Here are my boys saying CHEESE! They put up a fuss about me taking a photo of their new fleeces.

I found these warm fleeces for only $1.75 each!

Here's a more normal photo of my stinkers:

Have you stopped in Target lately? I'm curious to know if you found anything good!


  1. great find! What cutie pies!

    I blogged a few of my own finds here: www.laurasdailymadness.blogspot.com

  2. omg the boys are so cute! great find too!

    so we're getting groceries now but no more extra space & that cuts into a bit of all the other depts. mixed feelings about that.

    i agree though that i get confused when i go there now. -roseann

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