January 28, 2011

Winter Fun!

Looking for something simple and frugal to do with your kids in this never-ending winter? I found an idea in my Family Fun magazine, where you fill up squirt bottles with water and food coloring, and let them "paint" the snow!

We didn't have any squirt bottles on hand, so we stopped in our local Dollar General and they had some huge bottles for (you guessed it...) only a $1 each! I'm sure if you have some bottles lying around the house, this would be an even more frugal activity for your kids.

There has been snow in Illinois for the past 2 months, so we have had many clean canvas' for our squirt bottles for quite some time! The boys love it, and as long as we have gloves and a hat on, they could spend quite awhile outside.

Try it out and let me know what your kids think of this fun idea! Or better yet, share your winter ideas here!


  1. Great idea! We might try that out this weekend. I've been looking for fun outdoor activities for E.