January 12, 2011

Schnucks: $5 Rebate for cereal

Pudge and I headed out to Schnucks today to see if we could find the rebate form for that Healthy Resolutions that we had seen on someone's blog. When we walked into the store, I immediately picked up their store ad, and low and behold, there was a section for saving $5 when you bought 5 specific items in their store. We had to go to customer service to pick up the rebate form because we couldn't find any in the actual store. Just in case you were looking for it.

We quickly found the Special K cereals and grabbed up 4 boxes, and picked up one box of Kashi cereal. We had 2 BOGO coupons, and a $3 off Kashi cereal that we got through Vocalpoint's mailings. Total we spent $5.13 and sent in our receipt with the rebate form to get $5 back. So total with the $0.13 and the price of a stamp, we spent about $0.75 on those 5 boxes of cereal!!

Total now, after the past couple of weeks we have accumulated 11 boxes of Special K cereal and granola! That's more than enough! Might as well consider the Special K program they have set up in order to get those BOGO coupons.

Have you gotten any good deals with these Special K coupons?

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  1. You are such a good shopper. I am very proud.