January 17, 2011

Learning Your Address

I've been trying really hard to think of different ways to teach my two little boys the basics of life. One of the things I've been wanting to teach them is their address and phone number. I know one day when they are lost and a police officer finds them, and asks them where they live...I want them to know their address!

So here's one of the ideas that I had to help them learn their address. I typed and printed out our address on the printer, and used a font that I could cut out and little fingers could grab easily.

After I slaved and cut out each letter and number, I had the boys put it together like a puzzle and then glue them in the right order. We started out using a glue stick, but them later used a paintbrush with a bowl of glue to put the numbers and letters on.

I think it was a successful project for a 2 and 4 year old! We hung them on our fridge, so that they can see it and know that we're proud of them. It also helps us remind them to tell us what their address is.

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