August 4, 2009

Free Walgreens Items

The boys and I went to Walgreens after the library today to pick up a few free items.  It's always fun taking them in with me because they are short shopping adventures and secretly it wears them out a little bit before naptime. :)

I got the vitamin shampoo for $3.99, and I got a $4 Register Reward coupon to use next time I'm in Walgreens.  The GUM toothbrushes I got for $3.49, and got a $3.50 RR coupon to use next time.  So I paid $8.06 out of pocket, and got $7.50 in RR (Walgreens money is what I like to call it). So in reality I only paid $0.56 for these two items.  

So if you're in need of shampoo or conditioner or toothbrushes, head out to your local Walgreens and get yourself some today! :)

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