August 3, 2009

Family Outing - Local Ice Cream Shop

Tonight I was daring and adventurous in taking my two boys out for ice cream/custard at our local Custard Cup.  I say daring, because my husband is away at camp this week, so I knew that I needed to just be patient with my boys, especially when it comes to getting messy.

We ended up having a good time overall.  I got the boys each an ice cream cone, and myself a snowstorm (which I ended up regretting, because I was mostly licking the boys cones because they were melting faster than I could catch up).  The ice cream cones ended up melting really fast, so I had to think quick, and ran inside and got them each a cup and spoon.  I can see my husband shaking his head if he knew I ordered them both a cone, instead of having them in a
 bowl...but what more fun is having an ice cream cone on a hot summer day?  :)

Here are some fun photos that I caught of the boys while we were out.

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