August 2, 2009

Saturday Farmers Market

Along with some other errands that my family and I ran yesterday morning, we went to our local Farmer's Market in Urbana.  We got there later than I thought we would, 11am, and I was surprised at how packed the Market still was.  Sometimes it can be frustrating bringing 2 kids and a stroller (along with the hubbie) to a packed place, and yesterday was one of them.  

So we only made a short trip of it, grabbed some peaches ($5.50 for 5) and grabbed a couple ears of corn for Zechariah since he LOVES corn ($.50 for 2).  The tomatoes were given to us by some friends at church, and they are the first tomatoes we've tasted all summer that are home-grown...delicious!  We like to eat them like my mom grew up eating them - with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper on them, and they are so yummy!

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