August 12, 2009

Our New Adventure

Thanks to Beth, my friend from church, who told me about a local Berry Farm in White Heath, which is only 10 miles out of Champaign.  The farm is called Pontius Farm.  It was a cute farm with lots of berries, veggies, and even a huge sand box with toys for the kids to play with.

Below is a picture of our findings at our local berry farm.  My husband picked the tomatoes and blackberries, and I picked the 2 pounds of blueberries.  Total we spent $6.50.  What a great deal!  

Here is my littlest one chugging his juice box (he gave up on the straw), and he was so excited to see a bucket full of blueberries!

Here is my eldest son enjoying his Snap Peas which he gobbled up faster than I could peel them.  I think these cost us about $.50 for about 15 Pea Pods.

Then surprisingly we came home and had 4 ears of corn on our kitchen counter!!  The corn fairy (grandpa) had stopped by while we were gone and stocked us up on corn for the week!  

So total, it was a fun adventure that we went on, and I'm sure that we will visit that farm again once the raspberries are in season.  


  1. I've been there. We went blueberry picking quite a few years ago as it is the closest blueberry farm to us. I remember they had great red raspberries too.

  2. Hi Sam!

    This is the first time I've checked out your blog...I love it! Maybe I will start checking here in addition to/instead of the Sunday ads! I especially like the post about Pontius farms. I've been eating blueberries all summer--they are my favorite. I've noticed they're going up in price again already, phooey.

  3. Hey Jocelyn - Thanks for visiting! It's fun to post good finds! I agree about the fruit prices going up...I guess that's a sign that we need to start freezing the fruit we get on sale. We use the frozen fruits for smoothies alot. YUM!