August 6, 2009

Made at Home Depot

I had heard through the blogging world that Home Depot (the first and second Saturday's of the month) they have a little craft that kids came come and work on for free.  Here are a couple pictures of our first experience at Home Depot's .

Kids got to make this awesome Memo Board with a peg board and dry erase board in it.  It also has 3 little hooks on the bottom where you can hang things. 

Doesn't he look thrilled to be in this picture?  I think sometimes he gets tired of me saying "say cheese!".  But he was so excited when dad and him came out of Home Depot, when he really wanted me to see what he made.  He was so proud of himself!  So now it's hanging in his room right by his bed where he can see the pictures that we put up on his peg board.  Now to find some cheap dry erase markers...


  1. Just a warning on the dry erase markers - they are permanent on clothes. Kera likes to color everything, they do come off skin though, lol!

  2. Update - Walgreens has a coupon in their flyer this week for an 8-pack of expo markers for 3.99 (they're normally like $10!).