August 18, 2009

Garage Sale Saturday

My family and I had nothing in particular that we wanted to do this past Saturday, so we headed out on our bikes to a couple of sales in our neighborhood.  I love these days, just because it's nice to be together and you never know what you'll find!

Here's what our family found this past Saturday:

My husband is still addicted to buying garage sale Scrabble games, because he loves the letters in them.  (total for 2 games = $0.75).  My husband also found an addition to my son's train set from Fisher Price for $5.  And the clothing for myself cost $5 for 5 pieces.  There are a couple other odds and ends that cost a total of $2.  

The jacket below was a great find.  I saw it at a sale and suggested my husband try it on.  The tag said $5 and it was from the Gap.  He tried it on and then took it off, saying he wasn't sure.  The owner saw this and bargained with him and said you can have it for $2.50!!  Can you believe it!  A Gap, winter lined jacket for $2.50!!  That's awesome!

So we'll have to see if he wears it in the end! :)

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