February 21, 2010

Our NEW Goodwill Store!

Our new Goodwill store opened yesterday and I was so excited to join the crowds!

My sister was going to join me, but was running last, so I asked my husband if he wanted to fight the crowds with me. And he did! (we had his brother watch the kids, thanks Bubba!)

We were very impressed with the store to say the least. It's just nice to have a new Goodwill overall, so there were no complaints here (except for some impatient people).

I took some photos of the merchandise, because I thought it'd be fun to show you all. They had some (expensive for Goodwill) leather couches and chairs that looked brand spankin' new.

They had some nice dining room and bedroom furniture:

There were also alot of new items ranging from hair accessories to sunglasses:

And don't forget the shoes (lots and lots of them!):

So you're probably wondering what I came home with? Well, not too much, because it wasn't easy getting around in the store with so many people there. But we did find some things:
(I found some dump trucks for the boys)
(Game and books for hubbie)
(found some shower hooks for our new bathrooms)
(a wall hanging for the new bathrooms as well)
Total spent $11.52.

Thanks for exploring our new Goodwill store with us! Hope you liked it!

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  1. i wish our good will looked that good...there is never anything that good...yes i still do go once in a while to check it out but it looks like yours is great.