February 24, 2010

Sowing our Seeds for Summer

Today is the day for starting our seeds for our summer garden. Here's what we are starting with, potting soil from Walgreens for $0.99 and vegetable seeds at Walgreens, 5/$1.

I've wanted my kids to help me with this indoor project to help them learn about plants and how they grow. I think they will be very excited to see them grow!

First, I thought they would really enjoy digging in the dirt with their new excavators from Aunt Kissy. They were! Look at the concentration:

We've been saving our yogurt cups to do this project. We also have TONS of egg containers that we were going to save for Grandma and Grandpa G's farm, but we saved the styrofoam ones to plant our seeds in. We also poked holes in the bottom of them so that they water can escape.

I think the boys had a good time digging in the dirt in our kitchen. The only sanitary place to do this in our home. And YES, I was freaked out that they would make a mess, but I just had to overcome that fear and know that I can wash the floor later on.

Next we picked what seeds we wanted to plant early, and in they went:

(Pudge picking up tiny cherry tomato seeds)

(Older brother, Z-man, placing green beans and pumpkins seeds)

Next I told them that it was time to water our seeds, so I searched for the sippy cups that leaked! Brilliant, I know. They had alot of fun with these as well.

The sippy cups worked out perfectly!

And here is our end result. Lots of seeds planted, and now we just need lots of sunshine to help them grow. It was a fun experiment and we're excited to see if they grow. We'll post more pictures as they grow.


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