February 6, 2010

Goodwill Findings total $17.70

I'm always a sucker for pants at Goodwill, especially when they're name brand. I got these 3 pairs, one is GAP, the other two are Merona (from Target), where I love their pants!

Z-man is outgrowing alot of his dress clothes, so I'm trying to buy some in advance. Here is a nice vest I found there.

I always keep an eye out for sweaters for my boys. This one is from Children's Place and it's 18 months. I got it for Pudge. (even though he's turning 2 next week, this sweater fits him just fine).

Another sweatshirt for Pudge. This one is 2T.

And these are some travel containers for the kids, so cute!! Only $1.25.


  1. Those containers are adorable! I would love the monkey ones for my son. :) (Found you on MSM!)

  2. Great Job, I love GW (as my grandma calls it)! Cute site!