February 16, 2010

My New Curtains

I've noticed that I haven't posted any projects that I've been working on in our home lately. So I've decided to share these photos of my winter project: 4 sets of curtains. I ordered the fabric a long time ago with the intention to redo the curtains in our family room, and slowly but surely they are coming together. I have one set left to do and then I'm all finished.

Here is a look at the old curtains:

Sorry there's so much of a glare, with all the snow outside my camera wasn't taking a clear photo:

And here are the new ones that I made:

And here is a side view, with my handy dandy sewing machine in the photo. The machine was given to me by a friend in Rockford, and it's been going strong ever since. Good ol' Singer!


  1. About time, huh? I'm just trying to at least post one thing a day, to keep it up to date.