February 28, 2010

Weekend of Bugs and Art

I just wanted to share with you all some photos of our fun weekend with art and bugs. My family and I decided to go to an event from our local art museum (Krannert Art Museum), because they had an event called Kids at Krannert. It was a free event where the kids got to color, stickerorize, get balloon animals, and go on a scavenger hunt. My husband found out about this event through our local newspaper's calendar of events.

Here are some snapshots of the boys outside the Art Museum.

(little pirate)

(my little monkey, sitting by a monkey)

*****Insect Fear Film Activity******

We took our kids to an evening filled with bugs at the Foellinger Auditorium last night. They had tons of bugs, alive and dead, for the kids to interact with. It was so crowded though. That was the only downside. Our boys weren't too into touching the bugs. As you can tell in the photo above.

There was tons of artwork hung up to look at, and lots of ribbons won from contests. We only stayed for about an hour, because it was time for bed, and the auditorium was filling up with people who were staying to watch a free film, the 1957 classic Black Scorpion. We decided to skip that one! :) It was a fun filled weekend. Thanks for looking!

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