February 24, 2010

Potty Training the Pudge

I have decided that it's time to diligently potty train 'Pudge.' We had started about 4 months ago, but never stuck with it. So now it's time to stick to my guns and really concentrate and help him figure this out. I posted some pictures on ways that I can help him become potty trained.

First, it always helps to have a visual on other toddlers learning to use the potty as well. So we headed to our library to check out some books on little ones on the potty. This also helps when you're in the bathroom for awhile with your toddler. Here's a look at the books we have now in our bathroom:

We made a chart to hang out our wall to encourage Pudge to put a sticker on the chart whenever he goes in the potty. I picked up some $1 stickers from Target for his new adventure.

And of course, a NEW POTTY!! We decided that our older potty was starting to leak, and what's more fun than peeing in a frog?!

It is also good to have a package of training pants/undies to let your toddler know how it feels if they wet themselves. I think that diapers have allowed them to be wet, but not to "feel" wet, so undies are important. We use Pull-Ups when we go out on errands.

My friend who has successfully potty trained their two children said that she (in the beginning) would always have her child sit on the potty every 30 minutes. So that they would understand how their body was working, and to develop a routine. I found that to be very helpful.

Here's a snapsot of Pudge checking out his new stickers and chart. What fun we're going to have!
And a potty training course would not be complete without a bit of bribery:

(Sorry I couldn't get this photo to stand upright, but you get the gist.)

So off we go on our new adventure of potty training! Good luck to all you parents entering the Potty Training Stage!


  1. Is there a story behind calling him Pudge. Cute I've just never heard that one. Can't wait to cheer with you when he goes potty!

  2. I think his nickname "Pudge" came when Jason called him Puddle of Pudge when he was a newborn. So we just shortened it and call him Pudge every once in awhile. More so for the sake of blogging, I had to find a name for him. :)