January 12, 2010

Something for Everyone

I had been itching to get to a Thrift Store for awhile now, but never seemed to find the time. So I devised a plan. If I gathered up some things in our home that we don't use anymore, and made a pile of things for the Thrift Store, that would give me an excuse to stop there! Sneaky, I know. But at the same time it also made me work on cleaning out the house.

So today we stopped by the Salvation Army store and found something for everyone in the family. My husband found a pair of Lee jeans, and a pair of Eddie Bauer dress pants for a total of $8.

I was looking through their kids clothing because it was 50% today, so I found a warm fleece hoodie for 'Pudge', and a nice Gymboree shirt for 'Zman'. Total was $1.50.

For myself, I was looking for some workout clothing because my husband and I are still going strong on the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Micheals. So I've been running out of workout clothing throughout the week, so I found a couple pairs of pants. I also found a cute zip up hoodie! And the shoes I grabbed on the way out, because I've been looking for some dress up brown shoes. Total was $12.

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