January 4, 2010

County Market Grocery Trip

We are still active in the "Eat from your Pantry" challenge for the month of January. And to keep myself accountable to what I have posted earlier, I wanted to share with you what I spent my $25 on this week at the grocery store.

County Market sent out another booklet of their in-store coupons, so I eagerly set out to find matching Manufacturer coupons. The only one that I had luck finding was a $1/2 boxes of Post Cereal. Which isn't bad, so I got those boxes of cereal for $1 each. Everything was pretty much $1 or lass, except for the deli meat. Total spent was $25.26 (oops, 26 cents over budge), I'll make that up from finding change in our car!

Pictured above is what we got off of our WIC (Women, Infant, Children) coupons this week. Not bad, I might say! We now have 3 dozen eggs in our fridge. I think it would be wise to use those as meals this week. Also, I was excited to see that the Honey Kix is now a part of the WIC program!

My husband and I also took time our of our schedule to figure out what meals we can make from our pantry. So far, here's our list:

Turkey Bacon

BLT Wraps

Egg Bake
Chicken Tetrazzini
Tuna Cakes
Pasta Salad
Sausage & Rice

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