January 12, 2010

I went over...

I am a little sad to announce to you that I have over spent this week on our "Eat From your Pantry" budget of $25. Here's the layout of what I purchased. Earlier this week we stopped in Target to get some cheap items:
The boxes of Organic Mac and Cheese were $0.50 each and the Juicy Juice was also $0.50 each. The bag of chips was free with coupon from being a fan on Facebook. Total spent here was $2.

Below pictured is a run to Walmart for also some cheap items:

Each box of Healthy Choice was $0.88, the Blueberries were $3, and the rest was free with coupons. Total spent: $7.40.

Pictured below is a trip to Aldi's, (and here is where I think I went over):

I spent a total of $27 on the items above. I wanted to get the Pecans to add to the Homemade Granola that we'll be making this week. I also wanted to make a stew this week, so I grabbed some stew meat. I guess we could've done without the rest. I just need to be patient on things we don't really need.

At Walgreens this week, you can get 2 cans of oats for $1 (for more details here: moneysavingmom)! So this is where I decided that I'd make homemade granola.

Lastly we have our WIC items for this week:

So, since I went over our weekly budgeted allowance of $25 while we eat from our pantry, I've decided to skip next week's grocery trip. And only allow WIC items to be had. Thanks for keeping me accountable!

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