January 29, 2010

Jello Jigglers

So, I've never attempted to make or have the desire to make Jello Jigglers, but today was the day. Over the summer I had picked up an unopened package of Alphabet Jello cut-outs at an estate sale. We have used them before on cookie dough, but never for their actual purpose.

While surviving on our Eat from our Pantry month, I found some boxes of Jello that I had never opened. I thought that the boys would like this fun treat. I actually made the Jello yesterday, and tonight for dessert, I cut the boys names out with the Alphabet cut-outs. I think they liked them.

At least 'Pudge' had a couple of them, while Z-man only licked one and then just smashed the rest of them.
Granted, these are not the prettiest Jello Jigglers I've seen, but I wanted you to see how they turned out.

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