December 15, 2009

Simple Treat - Spider Sandwiches

I have been reading a book titled, Cheap Talk with the Frugal Friends by Angie Zalewski and I'm just soaking in all the information that they have. Their topics range from coupon clipping to cheap dates. I checked it out from our local library and wanted to share with you a simple treat that I got out of their book.

Our boys have been kinda picky at eating lately, and unless it's an apple or peanuts, they're likely to say "no". So when I found this little treat in the book I'm reading, I had to try it out.

It's a recipe for an after-school snack, called a spider sandwich. Really all you need to do it cut out 2 circles from a couple slices of bread, slather some peanut butter in it, grab some pretzel sticks, some raisins (or chocolate chips) for eyes and you're all set! (I also added peanut butter chips for fangs). The author also suggested drawing a spiderweb on a napkin for more curb appeal.

And our boys gobbled them up fast!

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