December 12, 2009

Our New Laundry Room

Are you anxiously awaiting the photos of our new laundry room? Probably not, but I figured that I'd post some pictures just for folks who are curious as to what it looks like now.

For awhile there our new washer was making an awful screeching noise when filling up the machine with water. We contacted Home Depot, where we purchased the machines, and they recently sent out a handyman to check it out. It turns out that the noise was coming from the water hook up. The delivery men, who hooked up our machines, put the hot water hose on the cold water spout. And vice-versa. YIKES!

So he quickly fixed that, and then put a new valve in our washer, so that it won't make that noise anymore. I've been quite pleased with it now that it's fixed.

Before Photo:

We put in new vinyl floor, re-painted the cabinets, and painted the walls a different color.

After Photo:

I forgot to get a before photo of the adjacent wall, but here is an after photo:

I found those cute white shelves at our Salvation Army store for a couple bucks each. And then went back a few weeks later and found those cute birdhouses. They match the walls perfectly!

I still would like to put a nice lamp in there to soften the lighting. Here is the laundry room I'm aspiring to have: 320 Sycamore's Blog

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