December 30, 2009

Grocery Shopping this week

I was excited to see my Thrift Store Friend, Angela, at Aldi's this afternoon! It's always fun to see a familiar face when I'm out and about. It was fun chatting and catching up from the Holidays. Nice to see you again Angela! :)

I decided to go grocery shopping with my oldest son, while my husband stayed home and rested up from the flu that's been going around our family. We went to Aldi's (pictured above) and we spent $44.01. A little over our grocery budgeted amount...but we were close!

Pictured above is our quick trip into Walgreens. The Stacy's Pita Chips were on sale for $2.99 and we had 2 $1 off coupons. The Chex Mix was $1, and the Puffs and Playtex gloves were free from coupons we had got in the mail. Total spent for pictured above: $5.08.

I saved my favorite savings for last. Pictured above are the items we got at CVS. Each of these soaps are $0.99 this week, and with the $1 coupon from Sunday's insert, the total for the items above was only $0.33! I've been needing to stock up on soap, so I was so excited to step foot into CVS to see if there were any left. And yes, there are still lots more if you're needing to stock up on soap as well.

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