December 3, 2009

I love Freecycle!

I'm really into any sort of frame now-a-days, so when I saw that someone had posted on Freecycle that they had 6 8x10 frames, and only lived a few short minutes away, I jumped at the chance to see if they were still there.  I have a huge wall in my office of any sized black frames that I can find.  It's fun to see where I got them all (mostly at garage sales!).  So back to my story...when I got to the house that had the free frames, I hurriedly got out (because I had a child in the car with me), and looked around for the frames.  I finally noticed them when I was about to jump back in the car.  They were in two plastic grocery bags, so I thought they were trash.  I peeked in the bag, and low and behold, they were BLACK!  And in mint condition!  I'm so excited that I can add to my photo gallery wall in my office!  I now just need to find some awesome artwork or sign up for some free 8x10 photos, and I'll be all set! 

If you've never heard of Freecycle or have never joined.  I highly recommend it if you're into Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing.  I think today I'm going to post of Freecycle all the magazines that I've already read and have been collecting dust on my shelf in the living room.  Anyone need some Parenting magazines?   

Have you gotten anything off of Freecycle lately, if so, what?  I'm curious to hear about your finds.  

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