December 28, 2009

Our Day Off

WOW! It's been over a week since I've posted last, sorry about that! I know there are some dedicated readers out there. Thanks for hanging in with me.

My family and I had a great Christmas, though we had two sick little boys off and on through the weekend, we're slowly getting better. It's rough having sick kids.

Well, it has snowed here in Central Illinois and in Champaign we got a little over 6 inches. (At least those are my calculations from our backyard deck!). The boys are thrilled to see the snow pile up, and I am too!

This morning my husband and I took the boys sledding, and even though it was bitter cold out with the wind and snow, we decided to take the boys sledding. We wanted to say we took the boys sledding at least ONCE this winter. So we'll see if we head out again to do it later this winter.

Here's a fun video of Jason and Silas on the sled:

After we sled down the hill a couple times, we as parents, decided it would be best if we can back at a warmer time. So, we convinced the boys that they could build a snowman in our back yard instead of sledding. Here is a before picture of the snowman that Zechariah and I built:

And here is the after picture (a couple hours later):

I found it quite hilarious how the snowman's smile turned upside down when his eye fell out!

Hope you're enjoying the snow wherever you're at!

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