December 7, 2009

Puzzle Christmas Tree Ornaments

Do you need some easy craft ideas for your kids to make? Try this craft! It's super easy and kids who enjoy using glue will get a kick out of them.

All you need for this craft project is:

-Sturdy cardboard
-Puzzle Pieces
-Decorative embellishments (i.e. sequences, ribbon, stars, etc.)

We have an ornament on our Christmas tree from my mother-in-law just like these, the only thing is that she bought hers from a craft fair.

Step 1: Cut out a base from the cardboard for your tree.

Step 2: Use puzzle pieces to cover that cardboard. We used an end piece to form the trunk of the tree. We also had 3 layers of pieces so that you could no longer see the cardboard underneath the pieces.

Step 3: Embelish your tree with whatever you have available. We are going to use beads and sequences.

Step 4: Attach a ribbon at the top so that you can hang your ornament on the tree!

I'd love to hear or even see your results! :)