December 30, 2009

January Challenge

I've been inspired by Money Saving Mom and her attempt to eat from her pantry for the month of January. The scoop here is to only go to the grocery store 3 times a month and only spend $25 a week on dairy/veggie/fruit products. And use the leftover grocery money budgeted for that month for charity. The goal is to use up a majority of the food that is in your pantry, and use what you have on hand.

Here's a photo of our pantry as it is stocked quite nicely. We'll see how it looks at the end of January!

I've heard of other people (on blogger) going for a couple weeks just eating from their pantry, so I know that this is an obtainable goal. You just have to get creative. And I consider my husband and I to be pretty creative people. So if you're up for a challenge, I suggest you try it as well. We can be in this together!

We are fortunate enough to have a couple of pantry's. Here's a photo of our little swivel cabinet. I know there's a fancy word for it, but that's what I'll call it for now. It is well stocked with cereal as well.
A couple of our rules in the Fisher household for the "eat from your pantry":
  • We are allowing to use the WIC coupons that we get from the Health Dept., which include bread, milk, cheese, etc.
  • We will be allowed one trip to the grocery store each week for fresh food, $25 worth.
  • We are allowing those who want to give us free food, to accept it with open arms! haha!
So do your usual weekly grocery trip and jump on board for the January "eat from your pantry" challenge! Set your own rules and have fun!

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