May 4, 2010

Tuesday Mornings

I just thought I'd blog a little bit about our Tuesday mornings with the little Fishers. We are busy bees on Tuesdays because Z-man has Preschool at the 1st UMC church in the mornings, and we recently signed Pudge up for an art class through the Park District.

Pudge is enrolled at the "Shake and Make" art class and he LOVES it! He's very much into art and making things lately, that this class was for sure to be a hit. The class is very low-key, and the parents are involved in helping their toddler with the crafts. There are about 5 tables set up with different activities that the kids can do. One or two tables are devoted to painting, while the other 3 have various crafts the kids can make.

When the kids enter, they are allowed to wear a shirt from the Park District as a smock. Thank the Lord, otherwise we'd be a mess! Our little man loves to paint and would spend all 45 minutes at the paint table if I didn't coax him to the craft tables.

Here he is sporting his newly made necklace:

So as Pudge is learning how to be more creative and learning how to share, it's nice to know that he's getting there. Sometimes he's the only boy among a handful of girls, but he's doing quite nicely.

And then by the time the class is almost up (45 minutes), the supervisor reads the kids a book before we part. The other great thing about spending time with my little one, is that there is a park were we can run a play after we've been creative! So much fun, such little time!

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