May 20, 2010

Touch A Truck Day

(Pudge at Touch a Truck day)
(Such a cute idea!!)

Our Park District does a great job and having free events throughout the summer here in Champaign, and we take full advantage of them! This past Wednesday my boys and I walked to a nearby park and there were several trucks parked in the grass where kids could wait for their turn to "drive" the trucks. It was a hit, let me tell you!

(Pudge so small by the monster truck)

(Z-man and Pudge "driving" a school bus!)

(Z-man behind the wheel of the city bus)

(They look so small here, just wait till they're 16 and having the ride the bus!)

(A radio station had a stage set up where kids could come up and dance!)

(Pudge looks so natural on this beast!)

(Z-man "cruising," watch out ladies!)
(Note: Z-man dressed himself that day!)

(And what kids event wouldn't be complete without some free ice cream!)

I love our Park District. Thank you for all the work you did in making this event a success!

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  1. Ugh... my kids love Touch A Truck Day and I completely forgot about it this year! I'll have to put in a reminder on my phone for next year. Looks like your kids had a great time! I have the exact same photos of my kids on the motorcycles :)