May 4, 2010

Some Man's Trash...My Treasure!

If you've heard through the grapevine, or have simply asked me how I find all the coupons for my groceries, it's true...I get my treasures from other's trash. I'm a trash digger! It's really not as bad as it sounds. You're probably imagining me dumpster diving of some sort to find these coupons, but there's a much easier way. I find my coupons and other great things through a nice elderly neighborhood just within walking distance of our home. They have all their newspapers all nicely organized into brown paper bags, in their recycling bins. Trust me, if it's not organized, I don't go near it.

Here's what I found this week! A great week to be collecting trash!

I found 4 coupon inserts! (One was from the Chicago Tribune, which has way more coupons than our local newspaper). Another mail-flyer that we got in the mail earlier this week. This included a coupon booklet for County Market, Smoothie King, and Monical's Pizza. YUM!
Also, I found someone's People's Magazine for this month of May, in mint condition. I usually don't look through people's magazines, but this one jumped out at me in the bag. Weird, but a fun surprise! (I guess you can say that I'm getting to know my neighbors!)

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