April 2, 2010

Grocery shopping this week = $41.93

Another great week of grocery shopping! I can't believe that I'm staying within my budget for groceries. It's taken awhile to get a hang of it, but it's been reassuring that I've been able to stay within our budget.

Here's where we went this week and how much each grocery picture cost.

Below's the picture from Target, paid with gift card, total = $1.

Below is from County Market. They had another pamphlet of in-store coupons, which I matched with Manufacturer coupons. Total spent = $16.81.

Pictured below is a couple different trips to Schnucks, (because I had the wrong sale ad I was basing by coupons off, so I went back later on). Total spent = $10.92.

The Snuggle Fabric sheets were free because of a $3 off coupon in 3/28 Sunday's coupon insert.

Pictured below is my trip to IGA. Total spent = $14.20.

Total spent on all pictured above: $41.93.

Thanks for looking, I'd love to hear about all your deals this week. Happy shopping!

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