April 6, 2010

Fun Learning Game

The weather has been so nice outside lately, that I'm trying to find more activities to play with my kids outside. I read recently in a Family Fun magazine that a mom made up this game to play with her kids. It sounded like a fun game to me! And also a learning game as well.

All you need is some chalk and a smooth surface outside! The point of the game is to have the kids step off the letters to begin, and then call out a letter, and the kids have to run to find the letter, and then stand on it. This helps the kids learn their alphabet! Sweet and simple!

Since I have two boys who seem to always want their "own" thing, I figured that I would draw a Capitol and Lowercase of each letter. This way when I call out a letter, there is one for each of them. Smart, I know! And since my kids are still little, this game will be perfect for them. I can't wait to try it out when they wake up from their nap!

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