April 21, 2010

Grocery shopping this week

I've been feeling a little bit under the weather this week, so Pudge and I just ventured to County Market and Aldi this week. Since we were under budget last week, we had $9.10 wiggle room for this week.

We got a ton of fruit, which is great with this weather, when you just want to have a little bowl of fruit salad.
The picture above is from Aldi's where we got a ton of food for a great price. Total spent here was $34.07.

Pictured below is our trip to County Market where the deals were few and far between. I was excited to pick up some grill seasonings for $0.25/packet, thanks to some coupons. The cans of beans were 2/$1! I also picked up a packet of spinach seeds for our garden.

Total spent for this week: $45.28. Did you get any great deals at your grocery store this week?


  1. $45 for the week is great! good deals :)

  2. You did great!Ilove Aldi's.I was able to get hamburger buns this week for 25 cents and loafbread for 50 cents just because the bread man brought too much.