April 16, 2010

Grocery shopping this week

Let me begin by saying that we have some great neighbors! The above picture of food was all given to us for free by our neighbor who works for Kraft. I guess that they have certain times of the month where they can get new items on the market for super cheap. So in exchange for these free items, I gave them some of our banana bread. Aren't I sneaky that way?

The items pictured above are from Walgreens. I paid $5 for these items. Not too bad! I grabbed some sunflower seeds to put in our homemade granola bars that I hope we can make later this week. By the way, those chips are SO good! Pudge and Z-man and I almost polished off one bag tonight on our walk!

The items pictured above are from Target. I spent $2 for all those cans of corn! What a deal! Thanks to Totally Target for the heads up on that one! We were running low on vitamins and the Shout packets were for a rebate moneymaker!

The items pictured above are from County Market. All those 3M sponges were free! They were on sale this week for $1 and combined with this coupon, they were free. (It looks like the company has changed this coupon to $1 off 2 now, so it's still a pretty good deal if your store doubles coupons.) Total spent for the above items = $9.41.

The items pictured above are from Meijer. I usually don't go to Meijer because it's all the way on the other side of town, but they were having a $1 sale on their pasta. I had been stocking up on these coupons from Smart Taste. Alot of the coupons were $0.75 off, making each box $0.25! (And we needed pasta bad!) Strawberries were $1/lb. Total spent here = $7.47.

These items above were also from Target. They aren't really grocery items, but I wanted to show you how you can get stuff for really cheap when you have lots of coupons. And I'm also sending in for a rebate on these items, which will make them a money-maker! Thanks to Common Sense With Money for the deal. Total spent here = $0.98 for all!

Total spent this week on groceries was = $30.90. (Stayed within our $40/week grocery budget again!)

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