July 28, 2009

CVS Trip

This was the only trip that I've taken to CVS where they've had almost everything on my list to get!  I was so excited!  These are mostly school supplies that I'll be giving to our church backpack drive.  All the school supplies I got were free with CVS Extra Care bucks.

I made two transactions, one was:

Copy Paper - 2/$10 (got $5 ECB)
Toothpaste - $2.88 (used $1 off coupon, and got $2 ECB)
Kashi Crackers and Bars - $3.33 each (by $10 Kashi product, get $5 ECB)(used 3 $1.50 coupons)
Total = $11.61 (got $12 ECB back)

Second Transaction:

CVS Tampons - $1.89 (got $1.89 ECB)
Pens - $0.99 each (got $1.98 ECB)
Composition Books - $0.99 each (got $1.98 ECB)
Sticky Notes -  $0.99 each (got $1.98 ECB)
Push Pins -  $0.99 each (got $1.98 ECB)
(I used all my ECB from the previous transaction, so I had a few extra ECB leftover, so that's why I got the M&Ms and Gum)

Total = $1.30 (got $10 ECB)

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