July 13, 2009

County Market Grocery Trip

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were so helpful tonight in taking the boys out to dinner/park/ice cream while I went and ran a few errands. My husband is out of town this week, and there were so many good deals at County Market, that it worked out to have family watch the boys while I ran out.

County Market is having a huge $1 sale this week. Even though the boys and I will be out of town this week on vacation, I still wanted to score some good deals before we leave.

I bought 36 items and only spent $32.13. I was very proud! All the snack-paks in the front of the picture were all $1 each. Those will be great on our vacation! They're originally $2.29.

The grapes are on sale for $1/lb.

And the cereal was on sale for $1.77, and with these coupons here and here, they're pretty cheap. Also combines with those coupons )$1.50 off 3 boxes) that you get for cereal whenever you shop at County Market (the ones that print out with your receipt).

Happy shopping!

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